KMLer 1.0.0

ArcGIS 9 and Google Earth extension program

KMLer is an extension program for ArcGIS 9 which can be used for professional work with Google Earth. You can export files to KML, convert vector layers into Google Earth .

kml or . kmz files. The program also gives you the option to convert each object into a placemark by check, create one placemark from each geometrical object in .

kml file, add all visible fields to tags and create label placemarks for lines and polygons. You can also distribute features using a categories legend that creates a new legend folder for each visible category you check.

KMLer also has other features including a label field where you can select visible fields for placemarks, a group add option to set additional parameters, a search link option, a map link option, a feature class metadata function, and extrude options which include an altitude mode and a list for selected field or set Z value of placemarks.

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